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Rides, Routes and Cafes

List of cafes (last update March 2022)          Location map for commonly used cafes (opens in browser)

The Drop-off system (how it works)

Group riding guide (guidance for run organisers)

For those without a satnav the route for a run can be found in the listing on the calendar, it will have an underlined link to the map which will open in your browser, eg - Route R20 (try this to see how it works)

Routes (samples to download in html format for viewing in any browser, kmz for viewing in Google Earth or importing into My Maps; or in gdb (Garmin) and gpx format for turn-by-turn navigation with a suitable satnav, phone app etc).  These are held on the Club's Google Drive (library) to which members can request access if they don't already have it.  Please use the form on the Library Access Request page.

How to install routes on a Tom Tom satnav  (an illustrated step-by-step guide for non Bluetooth devices)

The use of What3Words and/or Google Plus Codes are being introduced for some rides and venues, these systems are more accurate than postcodes and many satnavs now have this built in and there are apps available for smart phones.  For example, the usual ride meet point at Holmer Road, Hereford is

What3Words ///smart.flip.along this system is accurate to 3m anywhere
Google Plus Code 379G+5W Hereford locates the nearest premises (building) in Google Maps
Postcode  HR4 9RX this locates the centre of the postal area

The list of cafes above has Plus Codes which will work in any compatible browser.  Try them out and see which you prefer.