Each year the club supports one main charity and one small, local charity.

In 2016 the total amount raised for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity was £1,044.77

In 2017 the total for Macmillan Cancer Support is £1040 and counting

For 2017, the proceeds from the Christmas raffle (£80) went to the MS Therapy Centre, Hereford.  At the AGM we added a further £420 bringing the total to £500 for the year.

For 2018 the main charity is the St Michael’s Hospice

In 2014 it became evident that three major charitable causes were at the top of members’ requests.  Consequently, these charities will be supported in rotation.  The charities are:
MacMillan Cancer Support;  St Michael’s Hospice; Wales or Midlands Air Ambulance
(the two air ambulance services between them provide cover for the areas we most commonly ride).

To ensure small, local charities also benefit from the club’s fund raising efforts, it was decided to devote the proceeds of the raffle held at the Christmas/Awards night each year to the small, local charity chosen by most members (shown on their subscription application form).  Recipients can be chosen once only in a five-year period.

For 2018 we will be choosing two local charities to support from this list:
Remap Herefordshire – who make and modify equipment for disabled people
Herefordshire Heartstart – who teach emergency life support skills
Martha Trust – provides lofelong respite care for young people
KC Horse Resue – a self-funding trust caring for horses who have suffered neglect
Vale Wildlife Trust – hospital care for injured wildlife
Sapphire Trust – pet rehoming, matching pets to owners and owners to pets