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Sample routes to use, modify or just to give some ideas to get you started.
Routes are in two formats:

  • gpx for importing into satnavs or mobile apps
  • MyRouteApp - a free online mapping service
Route Description Distance (mi) gpx MyRouteApp
R01 Watering Hole 50 R01 gpx R01 MRA
R02 Shobdon 58 R02 gpx R02 MRA
R03a Quatford (out) 56 R03a gpx R03a MRA
R03b Quatford (rtn) 56 R03b gpx R03b MRA
R04a Toddington (out) 49 R04a gpx R04a MRA
R04b Toddington (rtn) 50 R04b gpx R04b MRA
R05a Northleach (out)( 65 R05a gpx R05a MRA
R05b Northleach (rtn) 54 R05b gpx R05b MRA
R06a Chipping Norton (out) 72 R06a gpx R06a MRA
R06b Chipping Norton (rtn) 87 R06b gpx R06b MRA
R07a Sammy Miller Museum (out) 131 R07 gpx R07a MRA
R07b Sammy Miller Museum (rtn) 134 " R07b MRA
R08 Welsh Heights 173 R08 gpx  
R08a Hereford - Abergavenny 58 " R08a MRA
R08b Abergavenny - Builth  76 " R08b MRA
R08c Builth - Hereford 39 " R08c MRA
R09 Llandovery Llandeilo Loop 169 R09 gpx  
R09a Hereford - Cwmdu 35 " R09a MRA
R09b Cwmdu - Llandovery 41 " R09b MRA
R09c Llandovery - Llandeilo loop 35 " R09c MRA
R09d Llandovery  - Crossgates 32 " R09d MRA
R09e Crossgates- Hereford 36 " R09e MRA
R10 Mystery Tour