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Run routes

Google maps and brief notes of the various runs appear here as examples of what to expect on typical runs.
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When a map loads you will see something like this in the top right-hand corner.  Click on the drop-down list to select a different view (map, aerial, hybrid, terrain etc).  Tracks can be selected/deselected by clicking on them.  You can zoom in/out as required.
Notes provide a summary and printable map.

IR01 Queenswood > Steel Horse Cafe > Lucksall Cafe (about 80 miles)
IR01 map       IR01 notes

IR02 Queenswood > Dewstow Gardens Cafe > Three Shires Cafe (about 85 miles)
IR02 map    IR02 notes 

IR03 Queenswood > Cwmdu > Wye Knot > Queenswood (about 130 miles)
IR03 map     IR03 notes

IR04 Queenswood > Quatford Food Stop > Queenswood (about 100 miles)
IR04 map     IR04 notes

IR05 Queenswood > Honey Cafe > Owls Nest > Old Station, New Radnor (about 115 miles)
IR05 map     IR05 notes

SR01 Lakes & Cakes run: Leominster > Vyrnwy > Welshpool > Aymestrey (~ 160 miles)
SR01 map     SR01 notes

SR02 Home on the Ranges run: Hereford > Bronllys > Llandovery > Bronllys (~ 120 miles)
SR02 map     SR02 notes


SR04 Bridgnorth and Radway: Leominster > Quatford > Radway (about 90 miles)
SR04 map     SR04 notes

SR05 Sally Clun run: Hereford > Clun > Shobdon (about 95 miles)
SR05 map

SR06 Nifty Fifty runs (monthly morning runs each approx 50 miles)
SR06 map

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